The Chill Factore

The Chill Factore is an indoor skiing experience with all the fun and adrenalin of out door skiing no matter what the weather.

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The Chill Factor'e

So what was it like before Chill Factore.

Some years ago my wife and I went to what was called a dry ski slope with five friends and our three sons; the idea was to learn how to ski with a view to going on a skiing holiday. We booked four lessons to begin with just to get some experance.
chill factore The slops where just two hills in a field covered by a heavy wire mesh with nylon brushes attached. There was a rope on two pulleys that got you to the top off the hill by holding on, crouching down, and your skis did the rest.
It all worked well enough as long as you didn’t fall over, getting your hand stuck in the mesh, scratching your arms and elbows was all part of a day out skiing and if it rained you went twice as fast, landed twice as hard and was soaked into the bargain.

Four lessons was enough in the end, we had to give up, two of the party were suffering with acute death and we witnessed one poor man in the changing room with the whole of is left thigh red raw from a bad fall.
We never went on are skiing holiday the whole experience put us off going.

What’s the difference at  Chill Factore?

SNOW! REALLY SNOW! It makes a world of difference especially when you land on your head. It’s twice as much fun and you experience what it’s really like to ski.

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Chill Factore Snow Boarding

The indoor slops means you can ski in any weather and whether you’re learning to ski or  sharpening up your skills, expert tuition is always on hand from highly-qualified instructors.
The main slop is 180m with a beginners slope at just 40m; there’s lessons for all ages including private tuition, and also race coaching for the experienced skier.

It’s fully accessible for disabled skiers and is the North of England base of ‘Disability Snowsport UK’.
There’s also a bar that serves hot drinks and  food while you watch the skiers.

The Trafford Center is just next door so if you’d like to do some shopping while the kids are having fun you don’t have far to go.

The Cornerstones Boutique Guest House is just 5 miles from the Chill Factore;  offering independent bed and breakfast accommodation in Manchester , with just a 5 minute walk to the Manchester Metro system you also have the whole of the city centre at your feet.