There seems to be a preconception that Guest house’s and people providing bed and breakfast accommodation prefer not to take long term staying guests; the amount of times I’ve had a phone calls asking.

“I’m looking for a long term stay, is it somthing you do”.

The truth is, there are some proprietors who don’t, however the majority will love to fill a room long term, as we do.

What is a Long Term Stay

The majority of long term guest are usually working for a local company on anything from a month to 12 months contract and  find commuting from home out of the question and moving house isn ‘t an option.  They usually arrive on a Sunday evening and leav on a Friday for a short weekend at home.

It’s rare a long term stay stays over the weekend,  unless they come from another country.

The Accommodation

If you require a long term stay at the Cornerstones Guest House, we tend to put you in the largest room we have, staying in a small room day after day out won’t last long.

We provide continental breakfast in with the price, however we do not provide dinner. Our guests are allowed to bring in sandwich and soft drinks with them, which they can eat in their room. We also give them the option of bring in takeaway food as long as they eat it in the dinning room, so the bedroom remains fresh of smells.

The fact that they approach a guest house tells you their trying to save money, so they have an option whether to have a cooked breakfast or not, go out to dinner or not and also what I’ve not mentioned is choice from a number of differently priced rooms.

This helps out on two fronts; nine times out of ten they receive an amount of money for expenses so that’s why they prefer a guest house and not having to eat out every night.

We charge extra for cooked breakfast but it’s in with the price at the weekend.

Yes people do have companies pay for everything but you will probably find them in a hotel not a guest house.

Our aim to to make their long term stay a home from home experience.