The Cornerstones is that close to Manchester you could
call it a city guest house. Even though it’s 5.5 milesCity Guest House
from the actual centre it’s just a five minute walk to Brooklands Metro Station which will have you in the city in 12 minutes;where you’ll find an abundance of bars,
theaters and restaurants.

However nestling in the of bohemian suburb of Didsbury on Burton road half way between the Cornerstones and the city is the The Rose Garden

A great find in the food department for our guests to enjoy.

city guest house

Created by owner and head chef William Mills; The Rose Garden was put together with the help of dad the architect, creating the interior design, brother Tom, roped in for the internal construction and the younger siblings delivering the food.

All sounds a little twee, until you see it in action.

The floor is run in an unfussy, free and easy style but with a height of professionalism found in any Michelin star restaurant.

The obeisance is created by the personalities of the younger siblings, with nothing to much trouble, your put at easy immediately in it’s homely atmosphere.City Guest House

The Rose Garden’s food, confirmed by the web site, is ‘Modern British Cuisine’. On our first visit I started with a pan-fried chicken liver salad; nothing to go mad about you may think, and so did I, until I tasted it. The chicken livers where cooked in a red wine, Madeira & port reduction served with rosemary croutons and sour cream. I couldn’t get over the taste, I looked at it thinking how can you get what was on the plate to do that.

I never order a traditional roast when we go out for Sunday lunch because one of the three essentials is usually wrong. The meat should melt in your mouth, the gravy has to have a rich intense flavor and the roast potatoes have to be crunchy on the out side and as soft as mash inside. The Rose Garden choose to use small new potatoes; however the meat did melt in your mouth and the gravy was as good as it gets.  After saying that I never ordered it my self; my wife an I never order the same so we can both taste each others meal.

Six weeks later and two more visits where hooked. We’re big foodies and are prepared to travel to try out really good places. The Rose Garden is virtually on our doorstep just 5.5 miles from the Cornerstones Guest House.

With out doubt it’s the best restaurant within that 6 mile circumference.

Our semi day off is Sunday, the debate is always.

“Where shall we go for lunch” .

The Rose Garden is the kind of place you don’t have to think about the food as always been good; it’s the kind of fine dining we’ve been begging for in Sale.