Once you’ve sorted out your accommodation in Manchester you’ll need a map to get around.

Map of Manchester

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This map of Manchester City Centre shows all the major car parks and also the metro rout through the city. You can divid  the map up into three triangles.

  • From Trinity Way and the Railway line to Deansgate (A56)
  • From Deansgate to Mosley Street-Lower Mosley Street
  • From Mosley Street-Lower Mosley Street to, I was going to say Whitworth Street but will take it to the railway line.

From Trinity Way and the Railway line to Deansgate on the west side of the city.

Map of Manchester


In the bottom corner just below Liverpool road you will find what was the life line of the industrial revolution in Manchester, the Bridgewater Canal docks and locks, from hear you can sale a barge up the Bridgewater Canal, link with the Manchester Ship Canal and into Liverpool’s estuary.

You can hire out barges for the day, with a bar and food provided it’s a really good, fun day out.

It’s interesting walking round the docks and locks and visualise what life must have been like for thousands of canal workers.

Bars and Resturants on our Map of Manchester

Pop in one of the many bars and restaurants. I would be writing for a week if I tried to discribe all the bars and resturants so here’s a few that have sprung up by the side of the canal  as we pass by them; ‘Dukes 92’ (92 being the final lock on the Rochdale Canal) being a favourite and Dimitris Tapas Bar just on the front of Deansgate.

Map of Manchester


If there’s one place that deservers a mention on our map of Manchester it’s the Museum of Science and Industry a great place for the kids to enjoy. Both the Museum and Granada Studios are just on the other side of Liverpool road.

As you head north things get a little more sombre passing the equivalent of  London’s Harley Street, St Johns Street, and Manchester Crown Court.

Things liven up again around King St West and Blackfriars Road as you round on the top of Deansgate which houses some of the city’s must be seen in bars.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Manchester you may need a Metro Map of Manchester click on the link to find both.

Hope our map of Manchester as been of some help, I’ll follow up with the second of the three triangles in my next post.