The next Metro station we visit, after Altrincham is Navigation Road Station at Broadheath; from the south of Manchester heading towards the centre.

Broadheath is a suburb of Altrincham and it has to be said there’s not a lot to see around the station itself although it is one of only a few metrolink stations that has a level crossing.

The Bridgewater Canal is to it’s rear and when the stretch from Manchester to Runcorn was open in 1776 the Old Packet House was the second stopping place on the journey by boat or barge, providing shelter for passengers and storage facilities for packages for dispatch or collection. The first boat from Manchester was at 8am stopping at the Inn at 10am on it’s way to Runcorn where it moored at 5pm. On the return journey the boat full of people on their way to visit Manchester would stop at the Inn at 4pm.

During the Second World War
The surrounding area was subject to bombing and loss of life; but the firms in Broadheath continued to supply the necessary tools, equipment and armaments needed. King Gorge and Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to Broadheath at the end of hostilities to acknowledge the part it played.

So jump off the tram and go and have a pint in the Old Packet House soak up the history, and maybe after a few, walk along the canal to the next station, at Timperley. Don’t get to close to the edge though!

The Cornerstones Guest House is in a great location for a visit to Manchester; just 2.5 miles from the Old Packet House on the A56.