A Big Hello from  Dorothy & Tony Casey.

We created Cornerstones some 25 years ago from a  building built in Victorian England; pursuing the age tradition and elegance we’ve mixed it with a contemporary feel.
We assure you of a warm welcome, a relaxed ambiance and a comfy cosy bed to curl up in, a good traditional English breakfast with lashing of tea and coffee to set you up for the day.
Once inside this warm cosy and tranquil dwelling you will begin to unwind and relax.
There’s plenty of information on the surrounding area and help is always at hand if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
We love a challenge and delight in helping you plan you’re day, suggesting great drives or booking restaurants and taxi’s.

Tony and I are generous hosts eager to help you to discover and enjoy the surrounding area and welcome you to come and go as you please.

A Brief History…

Built in 1872 by Sir William Cunliff Brooks Lord of the Manor and son of Samuel Brooks;  he was an MP for Altrincham and Sale from 1886-92.
His many benefactions to Sale and Manchester include a fountain on Ashton Lane, which is still there today (less the water) and the Brook’s Institute on Carrington Lane. We fell in love with this large Victorian Building in 1986; passing the building daily Tony would say.

“It’s a great location for a small hotel”.

Looking old and abandoned we had a nosy in the window to find the building empty.
We managed to purchase the destine to be bed and breakfast building in somewhat of a dilapidated state.
The previous owners had emigrated and left the house to slowly fall by the wayside, becoming home to a flock of old pigeons residing on two floors (no that never gave me the idea).
However we had spotted its potential and after a lot of hard work and perseverance, have managed to restore this wonderful old house, back to its original glory.

The one and only….

We can boast having a very special neighbor pass the Cornerstones Guest House, every day to get his news paper. The late great,
Sir Matt Busy, who just lived down Harboro Rd at the side as you look out of the dinning room.

Sir Matt  was surprised one day when our five year son Jack brought is friend home from school; we thought they were playing football in the car park, however, as we found out later, they had walk down the road to Sir Matt house.
With a  football under his arm Jack knock on Sir Matt’s door which was answered by his daughter.

“Is Sir Matt Busby in please?”

“Hold on I’ll go and get him” she said.
Sir Matt came to the door, put his hand through Jacks hair and in is Scottish accent said.

“Hello my son, and what can I do for you?”

Jack turned to is friend and said.

“I told you, come on”

And off they went with out saying another word, leaving Sir Matt stood at the door.

We found out a few days later when Jack asked.
“Is Sir Matt Busby a priest mum” Mum replied.
“I went to see him the other day and he said, what can I do for you my son”

“Football Ay! Its a funny old game”.

Our Manchester bed and breakfast is just 10 minutes away from Manchester United Football ground. You can park your car in Cornerstones car park, walk round the corner to Brooklands Metro station and your there in 10 minutes.

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