Gastro Pubs That Deserve the Name

The Lord Clyde is one of Cheshire’s many Gastro Pubs situated in the heart of the country side in the village of Kerridge close to Bollington.

Both my wife and I are big foodies, we go looking for these unique little places in the country, chosen by a breed of up and coming top chefs who have served there time in top restaurants and then go for their ultimate goal in their trade, running their own restaurant.

The Lord Clyde seems to have been set up the way an up and coming good business minded chef should start out, it’s smallish yet homely and was probably bought or is rented for a small amount of money. The original building, a public house, didn’t offer a huge floor plan to play with, so dividing it up to provide space for dining yet retaining space for just drinking and bar food was always going to be difficult.

The interior decoration is minimalistic but warm and cosy retaining the old country pub atmosphere somewhere between being a Gastro Pub; and Bistro, but don’t let that put you off, you can still go in for a drink and if the bar food in anything like the main menu it can only complement their Black Sheep Bitter and other real cask ales.

We were up for the the main menu; my choice was difficult at first, so many menus appealed. I plumbed for,

‘A Tasting Of Local Pork’

Braised Cheek, Confit Belly, Fillet, Black Pudding, Sage

& Eddisbury Farm  Apple jus


It came on a rectangular plate about 10” x 4”, each part of the dish stood to attention in a row, the first mouth full was the killer punch and things just got better as I moved along the plate; I stared a the pork belly wondering how he did it; I’ve cooked it many a time and it’s either to fatty or cremated where you’d break your teeth on the outer crackling. It was about an 1” thick, all meat, with wafer thin golden brown crackling, worth every penny, the question is how did he do it?

For me it’s a need to know situation….I want to to be able to do it … to eat it again and again…to cook it for friends and family, it really was that good.

Gastro Pubs have been branded about ‘willy nilly’ in the last few years but The Lord Clyde is the original concept and my bet is, that this cosy ramblers pub is destined to feature up there at the top of the UK’s 50 best gastro pubs.

My wife had,

Roast Rack Of High Peak Lamb

Shepherds Pie, Pea Puree,

Organic Yorkshire carrots & Thyme Jus


Firstly you ask yourself “how is that going to appear” you need to order it just to check it out.

Surprise! No way did you expect the presentation. It arrived with two good size trimmed lamb cutlets cooked just as ordered, the Shepherds Pie came separately in a glass preserving jar with a sealed top and pull down wire catch, with jus and creamed carrots smeared artistically on the plate.

We both tasted each others food as we always do, the Shepherds Pie melted in you mouth including what must have been braised lamb shank in a fantastic Jus, layers and layers of flavour.

The wine was Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Reserve.
Again really good value for a wine that sat comfortably with the rich flavours of our fare.

You may need your sat nav but we found it without, with a little help from one of the locals. Gastro Pubs are known for their food but I’ve only just found out that The Lord Clyde have some great theme nights with jazz and blues music also on the menu; just up my street.

Looking out of the window you can see the ‘Middlewoods Way’ walking and bike path (that was a bit of a mouth full) over the fields.

Gastro Pubs tend to be open all day and the Lord Clyde is no exception; you could turn up at the weekend say about 12 noon go for a good 3 hour walk and have a lovely meal with a fine bottle of wine waiting for you when you on your return or as we did eat first then walk it off. While their objective is to provide outstanding food they welcome drinkers equally who just want a quite retreat with a first class pint.

We make a point of visiting new, old and up and coming food gems in the catchment of the Cornerstones Guest House where we provied independent accommodation in Manchester,  so we can advise our guest on where to go for great food and great experiences hope you enjoyed the review and please let us know if you agree that The Lord Clyde deserves the name Gastro Pub.

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