Most of the Guest Houses in Manchester are to the south of the city including ourselfes however we find that we are one the closes to a new development proposed by Peel Holdings. Ocean Gateway‚ will be a mere £50 billion pound investment. The concept will be over a 50 mile stretch cutting through the North Wests industrial heart land along the Ship Canal Corridor‚  from the mouth of the River Mersey down Manchester Ship Canal and into the centre of Manchester. Most of the work will take place on the southside of Manchester; and should ceate quite a few new jobs and a much better out look for hotels and Guest Houses in Manchester after such a lean pireod over the last 18 months.

Close the information bubble on the map and click on the minus sign to view the proposed area.

John Whittaker chairman of  Peel Holdings  as likened the development to the size of the Themes Gateway in London; emphasizing it’s not just for Peel Holdings but along with all other initiatives and developer within the Gateway region it will become a key source of new investment, jobs, development and environmental improvements. He has said it wont just be about real estate development and tall buildings but cover every aspect of our lives, The Environment, Transport, housing what he called ‘The Media Silicone Valley of Europe’, Energy from clean coal, Wind power, Tidal Power, Energy from waste, Utilities, Telecoms, Ship Building, Logistics in Ports, Airports, and what he called Supper Ports, as well as Hotels, Golf Courses, Races Courses.

The port developments would take place in Salford, Warrington, Ince and The Wirral.

Now I must admit he never mentioned anything about Guest Houses in Manchester but where here to do our bit, to house the architects and engineers that build it.