I never realised how many different street markets there are in and around Manchester until we received Manchester City Councils brochure

street markets

‘Manchester a City of Markets’

The seven day a week Arndale Market on Market Street in the centre of Manchester (open 9am to 6pm) has everything you could image in a shopping mall because thats what it is really, although it’s in  ‘Manchester a City of Markets’ brochure it’s not what you’d picture a traditional market to be.

Church Street Market opens Mon – Sat 9am to 5pm. This is a traditional open market in the gateway of the Northern Quarter; selling fruit and veg, books, clothing, farm produce and lots, lots more. March 2010 marked the end of a significant face lift for Church Street Market making sure it stands the test of time for generations to come.

street markets

Flower Market

There’s  flower markets in St Ann’s Sq and Thurs, Fri and Sat in Piccadilly Gardens providing an infusion of colour that brings home all the different seasons  no mater what the weather.

Tib Street Market is all about fashion; every Saturday from 10am – 5pm, it attracts some of Manchester most up and coming designers; quirky, handmade and ethically sauced pieces are all on display; you can rummage for hours.

Street markets

Tib St Fashion Market

Also in Piccadilly Gardens on every second and forth Saturday there’s both a ‘Real Food Market’ and a Fair Trade Market.
You’ll find an impressive selection of traditional products at this fortnightly market with farmers selling fresh home grown and home reared produce; most of the stallholders run family owned businesses, putting there heart and soul into the food they sell.

On the 3rd and 4th September and 17th and 18th also in Piccadilly Gardens is a ‘Jewellery Market’ again some of Manchester most up and coming designers can be seen together with people at the top of their trade. This is quickly becoming an international event making these street markets sparkle with designers coming from all over the world to set up shop.

St Ann’s Sq puts on an Arts and Craft market from 5th – 15th August 10am to 5.30pm and again in St Ann’s Sq as the weather cools from the 29th Sep to 10th Oct is ‘The Feast’.

street markets

The Feast Market

‘The Feast – Manchester Food Market’.

The Feast Market is one of the most popular events in the calendar year; food lovers flock to the market to sample some of the best local and international produce,the aromas of the sizzling meats are amazing with Latin American, Spanish and Indian food to name but a few.

The year ends with a number of Christmas street markets, from the 18th November to 21 December.
Albert Sq, Brazennose St, Exchange St, Exchange Sq, New Cathedral St, St Ann’s Sq and the Triangle all have Christmas street markets.

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