I suppose if I am absolutely truthful, I should come clean about my thoughts on The Trafford Centre.The Trafford Centre

On my very first visit I thought it was not for me; too sprawling, ostentatious and busy. I favor independent stores fresh air and to visit little towns and villages which offer a day out into the bargain, but it has to be said it didn’t take very long at all before my pattern of shopping changed in support of The Trafford Centre; yes I  still love independent stores fresh air and visiting little towns and villages who doesn’t.

Primarily the 10,000 free parking spaces! Is such a bonus; as a few too many parking tickets soon make a dent in your shopping budget! The parking is easy to locate and if you are in a rush and know exactly which shop you require, then you can target which car-park to park in as they surround the entire centre. On more leisurely trips I tend to park at the John Lewis end or Debenhams end so you virtually go from one end to the other so you don’t miss a single shop……. Think of all the exercise you get!

Oh one other fact, some of the parking is under cover so in adverse weather conditions (we are talking Manchester after all) you remain un-bedraggled.

As The Trafford Centre is 4.6 mile from Cornerstones Guest House and can take as little as 12 minuets to drive there, I have noticed a huge difference in my petrol expenditure and have become more aware of my carbon foot print and therefore more compelled to reduce my long distance shopping whims.

Along with these positive attractions is the extensive opening hours, so you never get caught out; no such thing as a 5o’clock closed sign to be found anywhere.

Now that I am Granny for the first time; it is often a haven for me and my little grandson Dylan. The Trafford Centre offers so much in the way of entertainment.

The Trafford CentreNot least is its 20-screen multiplex cinema which I will look forward to treating Dylan to when he is a little older. In the mean time we enjoy the many family events and used the soft toy play area in The Orient and maybe try the crèche facilities in the future for 0 to 10 year old. With Barney Bear permanently in residence in his shiny red car and those singing bears over the road in Barton Square there is plenty for little ones even the squirting fountain is vastly amusing to a tiny tot. Our next planned visit together will be in John Lewis  to listen to a favorite story from the Very Hungry Caterpillar in the toy department and a chance to win £20 worth of vouchers to boot!

Pushchairs, fun buggies, security wristbands and toddler wrist links are all available to make your trip less arduous. Throughout the Centre you will find unisex parent and child toilets with baby changing facilities and breast feeding rooms as well as baby bottle warming equipment in The Orient food court, I can not begin to tell you the big difference that makes and how far we have come since my own boys were little. Even a lot of the restaurants have their own baby changing facilities. In fact The Trafford Centre loo’s win awards year after year and that is hard to match on the high street.

You won’t go hungry either with a choice from over 60 eating establishments with most offering childrens menus. If you feel in anyway daunted by the prospect of dining out with your little one or have a brood of 3 or 4 then look no further than the lower floor; where you will find Europe’s largest food court with seating for 1600.

The Trafford Centre boast the best mix of big names outside Oxford street so what are you waiting for?……..It didn’t take me long.

Cornerstones is rated in the Michelin Accommodation Guide, providing bed and break in Manchester to tourists and business a like.

You can stay at the Cornerstones Guest House, walk round the corner, jump on the metro and be there in 15 mins or drive there in 12  minutes.


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