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Vernon Mill Artists

Most of our guest who come to stay in Manchester ask us what’s to see and do. So we’re on a mission to visit all the traditional hot spots and discover a few unique ones with hands on experience of what’s on offer for our guests.
One of my passions is anything to do with art; anything that’s been produce by eye and hands that give me that wow feeling at first sight, a wow feeling that usually then turns to envy and then on to the dream state of ‘how can I do that’.

A great find that I never knew even existed until a few months ago, and right on our door step, is Vernon Mill an old cotton mill in Stockport, Cheshire, just 15 minutes by car from the us and housing some of the North West’s most cutting edge modern art producers’ painters, sculptors designers, potters and photographers using all types of different and unusual media to produce their work.

The artists have joined together to form an artists’ collective known as the “Vernon Mill Artists” (the VMA). Taking into account the 60 artists, operating from within individual studios in this huge building, the VMA is considered to be the largest artist led studio group in England.
The studios, taking up the top two stories of the mill, are full of original works all for sale at prices almost  40% lower than work sold by some of the other galleries that show their work.

The mill is open throughout the week with a few studios open to the public; most of the artists are concentrating on their work or run courses, passing on their experience to budding wannabes. At the weekend you’ll find quite a few of the studios open to the public, however most studios open the 1st weekend of every month between 10am – 4pm.

One of the artist I’ve admired from afar, (the internet, virtual stalking) is Alan Knight. Born just down the road in Swinton, Alan uses a Stay in Manchesterpainting knife a medium I never really liked; in fact in the past, anytime I noticed a piece of art where the artist used a knife I use to take a wide birth, at most a glance. That is until I saw an olive tree that Alan painted. He uses oil paints and he likes to apply it thickly that thick that the bark of the tree was just that, you could imagine your self holding on to the bark to climb up it. Every angle gave you a different almost three  dimensional picture.

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Vernon Mill Artists
3rd and 4th floors,
Vernon Mill, Mersey Street,
Stockport, SK1 2HX.